Free photo editor with free upgrade to premium

I am not associated with this company or software and do not receive any monetary value for recommending it.

This offer came in my email from a site that offers free and discount software. For the most part they have some good recommendations.

The software is Photo Pos Pro. It comes in both free and of course a premium version. If you visit the link, they will direct you to download the software. They ask for some information such as email but you do not have to put in a valid email since they will show the registration key after filling out the information and requesting the download. You will see a “share” screen. At the bottom is a skip it button. The download that pops up is actually a wrapper to download the software. It is safe but you can cancel the download and download the program from the software site.

I installed it and played around with it a little. If you do not have a favorite photo manipulation software, this might work. It is also good for first time users as it has an quick and easy mode. I also did a quick search for reviews and did not find anything suspicious about the software.

Here is the link to get the registration number.

Here is the official software site

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