Free trial dont work and software is accusing me of tampering with my system

So how is this free trial free or a trial when its never let me run the free trial and also keeps saying tampering with my system to try and get around the free trial period.

Is the time and date correct on you computer?

The free trial is exactly that. I had my trial of full functionality and have just purchased it’s fantastic software.

ya my computers times are all dead on accurate. I have them all connected to an internet time server because they have to be synchronized to the nearest second for some other important stuff that runs on my system that has to be in sync with 100s of other computers around the world.

You did start with a rant, so his response, while unprofessional, wasn’t completely off base. Your name is also “Smutboy420” which sets a certain tone by itself.

Ignoring all of that, let’s work on your issue. First things first: which OS are you running, and when was the last time you net-synced your system clock? Are you running the OS-level time synchronize, or something else? The license system looks up the time on a standard NIST server and compares that with yours. If the offset is too high, it complains. The message shown comes right from the license system itself, and it’s not intended to be an accusation.


LOL I used to do a lot of work with graphite and some times Im covered in the dust called smut Thats ok most people get that wrong and there mind automatically goes to the gutter and things its some thing perverted. I guess some people have dirty minds…

and sorry if my frustration came off as being rude or “ranting” I just wanted to finely get this trail to work for the software everyone keeps raving about and saying is much better then rdworks.

Start with the OS question then - the screen shot you posted looks like WinXP. LightBurn needs Win7 or later, and if you’re on an older version, there might be SSL or other libraries missing that prevent communication with the server, which could explain the erroneous time sync message.

Thanks, Tho this computer I tried installing it on is a win7 pc. But had the trial had worked and i ended up getting the paid version i would of also needed it to run on my shop pc that runs all cnc equipment in the shop happens to be and XP windows computer.

But if the problem im having with the free trial install could be because of my computer I have a win10 laptop I suppose I could try to see if the trial works on that.

WOOT hoooo… I got the trial to run on my laptop yesterday. and tho I didn’t have a lot of free time on my hands to really get to put lightburn threw all the paces yet. But right off the bat I see some thing in it that might really come in handy which is that it can save files in dfx and svg. Which in its self would make light burn handy even if I don’t end up using it all the time. But by being able to save in dfx will make life a heck of a lot eaiser for projects that cross over in to other process then just laser stuff. Being my wife does a lot of cut vinyl and I also do a cnc plasma cutting and cnc machining. and a lot of time times when going from one process to the another. trying to get files that all my software for the different machines and process all being able to open files from on to another has been like trying to find the holly grail. lol heck if it can even just open any saved dfx files that my wife needs to use for her vinyl work would even be good enough to justify the full version. (happy wife = happy life )