Free version not "Laser Mode Compatible"

Hello, new to the forum and still on the free trial. Lightburn version supplied is 0.9.19. I believe this version does not support laser mode can I upgrade to a version that does whilst on free trial? as I need to try it on laser engraving text to check if it cures the problem of engraving path lines between characters.
Thanks in advance.

The trial version of the software is unrestricted. “Laser mode” is a setting that you change on your GRBL device in the firmware:

You’re running version 0.9.19?

That’s the version that came in the download. Why did you expect something different?

I suspect because the current public release is 0.9.16, and we don’t have a 0.9.19 version yet. :slight_smile:

He’s a time traveler!

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