Freezing/camera recognition

I am new to this. I just purchased the lightburn license for my new laser and I am on the current version. It has been operating fine for a few days doing beginner cuts and such. The software started to start/run slow and even freeze or be unresponsive at times. I have a lightburn camera. I installed it and have it calibrated. I noticed that the freezing started when I started working with the camera. Is there anything I can do? Could there be a camera conflict with Windows 10? The software takes a long time to start initially also so I don’t know if it is camera related. I am in the process of trying to align the camera and I noticed that most of the time the wizard populates my camera in the “Select you camera” area and when I click it acts like it is looking and can’t find it. I’ve been able to plug it in and unplug it a couple times and it comes back. Initially when I was calibrating I had ) issues with the camera being recognized. I keep having to start the wizard over because the software is freezing and I have to try to restart it. Sometimes I have to restart it a couple time for it to start back up.

Everything else on the PC runs fast and has no issues. I even looked in task manager to see if there was something loading up my RAM or CPU but everything looks great. Lots of free CPU and RAM.

Please help.

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