Freezing up when generating offset files

when I trace image and choose offset fill and then try to look at the image on the screen a box comes up and says generating offset files. It takes forever, and if I choose to close it it freezes up and I cant do anything

How complicated is the image you are tracing?

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The file size may be an issue for your computer and memory configuration. Try dividing your project into smaller clumps. Instead of selecting ALL the objects to engrave, select a few and use the layer options to cut only a portion at a time - or - use the cut selected graphics option for the same effect.

This exmaple the red layer C10 will not cut when the job is done. Then before moving the piece, re-home the laser and reverse your layers settings like this - and cut just the red C10 layer.

The other option is to select fewer object to cut per run using the CUT SELECTED OBJECTS tab in the laser control window if all the parts are on the same layer.

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