Fretboard layout

Ok I may have a stupid question but I really need help. I make cigar box guitars and want to laser my own fret markers onto my fretboard but I’m having issues laying it out since there is no measuring tool. Maybe someone could help me. Basically it’s like laying out a ladder with the rungs at very specific distances. Anyone?

I am of the mind that if you need precise geometry for something, it’s just easier to build a quick sketch in a CAD program, save as dxf or some other compatible format and import into LB.

A few different ideas:

  • The pen tool doubles as a measuring tool (look in the status bar when drawing a line and you’ll see the lengths)

  • The grid array tool can place copies of an object at regular intervals

  • The alignment tools can align objects with others, like placing the dots in the middle of two fret lines, or placing a dot in the center of another object

  • The position boxes in the top toolbar can take formulas. If an object is at 152.8mm and you want to add 35mm to that, you can just type 152.8+35 into the box and hit enter

I need to look for tutorials on the formula thing. Each fret is a specific distance bone the same

There’s not a tutorial as such, but there’s a quick run through here:

And here:

I can’t help with doing it in LightBurn, but that would be about a 45 second project in Inkscape.
Draw the first line then hit “CTRL D” to duplicate it, then use the move tool to move it to the desired location. (You can enter any numerical distance you want in the move tool). Duplicate the line again, and move it, duplicate again and move…

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