Frustration abounds with NE JE Max 3

I am convined that buying a NEJE Max 3 laser device was a mistake.
I never get the same problems every time I go to this thing.
I am trying to use either an elderly Windows 32 bit laptop or a 64 bit Windows desktop PC. Both sort of work but the fact that lack of limit switches fills the room with a grinding noise when the laser gets to the end of it’s work area doesn’t help my frustration. I can enter text as a test. and I have been able to get some text engraved. I have gotten cardboar or paper cut. But basic things like getting Lightburn to do material test yields NOTHING, Trying to read the .PDF docs while trying to use the software yields frustration.
I would happily put this thing up for sale if I knew where to go to do that.
No two problems are solvable at any given time.
There are so many things that don’t work. Solve one thing one time and then something else fails.

Starting with a large frame when unfamiliar with the mechanics of these machines can be tricky since it adds some variables not typically seen with smaller frames. However, these are all surmountable issues.

Lack of limit switches should not pose a huge issue once the fundamental problems are sorted through. However, in this case, I understood that the Max 3 does have limit switches for the purpose of homing. Can you confirm?

Can you elaborate on this? What exactly does happen? What are you expecting, what happens instead, and what’s creating the complication?

I suggest starting at the basics and working up.

  1. Can you confirm that the machine homes properly? I believe that machine homes to the top-left but please correct this if not true.
  2. Is the machine square once homed? Are both the left and right side of the Y-axis even against the top of the machine?
  3. Do jogging controls in Move window work as expected? Up goes up, down goes down, etc?

Please take these screenshots and post here:

  1. Full screenshot of LightBurn with a design loaded making sure that Cut window and Laser window are showing
  2. screenshot of Device Settings

I have made some progress. Now am able to jog to selected points in workspace. Only detected problem is Y only goes to 50% (close estimate)
Got it to run around the work space but doen’t power laser to a level that will mark anything. Not sure if it’s related but I relocated the Ne Je Max 3 closer to the computer and it now seems to know where the laser is in relation to the workspace world.
A blue beam is seen but not enough to mark anything on material.
The material test will not run. None of the tests do anything other than offer to let me change settings.
None of the routines to have Lightburn run anything that would prove operability.
I feel more confident since I can click on the “Map pin” Icon and go to a predictable location.
Not “crashing into the wall” effect of not having limit switches.
Feel like I have set something wrong but cannot recognize what “wrong” is. I
saw a box (somewhere) marked “Send” but clicking on that has no cause/effect.
I wish there was a trouble-shooting tree for some of these problems. Perhaps there is but I haven’t found it.
I am running Windows 10 64 bit. Has dual HDMI video out. Wondering if a 2nd monitor would work. I have two and would devote the desk space to that it it would work.

I responded to the last post that you created several days ago. An update to the questions and requests from that response would be useful as you haven’t addressed them here.

Furthermore, I checked and confirmed that your machine should indeed have limit switches. If they are not being activated there’s likely a physical or electrical issue making this not work. You may want to investigate what’s going on there. See this video for reference:

If this should be merged with the previous thread I’d be happy to take care of it. It will bump the merged thread to the top.

I think that would be reasonable.

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