Function: Go to Origion posions always in X=249 and Y=275

Good day everybody.
I have an Ortur Laser Master Pro 2. This gives me big problems in that the “Go to start position” command is always executed with the following coordinates: X=249 and Y=275. The green and red dots at the bottom left are at 0.
Lightburn graphically displays 400 x 400 mm, with the home position = 0. When the program starts, the laser also moves to the two microswitches in the bottom left corner.

Example: Circle with Lightburn D=10. Position X=30mm, Y=30mm.
Setting Job start point = Center
Laser from current position:
Start: out of bounds
Laser of origin of the user:
Start: possibly out of bounds, y/n next Laser starts from X=249 Y=275
Lasers from Absolute Position:
Start: Laser starts from 249 x 275 plus X 30mm Y 30mm

I’ve uninstalled Lightburn several times in the meantime, also using an uninstaller (geek). No matter what I do, it stays at position X=249 and Y=275.
In addition, after starting a file, I very often get the message that the file would exceed the dimensions of 400 x 400 mm, although this is not the case at all.

Do you have a solution for me? I have to say that I use Windows, but I’m not a freak who knows all the functions and commands. If there is a solution proposal, please formulate it in such a way that I can also implement the proposal.
Thanks very much

Can you clarify how you are doing this? I can’t correlate “Go to start position” to anything I’m familiar with.

Can you provide the following:

  1. Full screenshot of LightBurn with the design loaded and ready to burn. Please have Laser window showing.
  2. Can you run these commands in Console and return output:

The first command will home the laser so be prepared for it.

It sounds very much like you have an accidental offset programmed into your machine.

Oops… I was going to suggest some initial diagnostic steps, but it looks like @berainlb beat me to that.

Listen to him… he is very good at this.

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Thank you for your reply.
First I load the file: Circle of diameter appr. 10 mm, at he position X=30, Y=30
Than I followed your instruction run your commands.
It did not change anything.
Circle.lbrn2 (12.4 KB)

I would like to send you 3 files created by Lightburn and some pictures and clips, showing what happens. But this is forbidden. How can I provide more information?

There is something I do not understand: How can it happen that “Go to Origin” always will have the same coordinates after De-installation of Lightburn. There must be somewhere on the PC a file, which has not been removed.
Regards Ulf

Those aren’t a fix. They’re diagnostic steps. I will need you to copy/paste the output of those commands here for review.

Image files you should be able to upload here without issue. Just drag and drop or push the upload button. Other files you can append a .txt extension to get around any restrictions.

It’s likely using the default origin value.

LB Prefs files I believe are retained even after a reinstall. But I don’t believe User Origin values are stored there.

In any case, this is almost certainly unrelated to LightBurn installation.

I attach two files “Console”

The first is immediately after starting Lightburn plus the circle of 10 mm diameter and after having issued your commands in console.

The file console2 after having run the circle 6 times with different options:

  1. Absolute Coords

Frame executes = Go to Origin

Start executes = Go to Origin plus X30 and Y 30 mm, like position displayed in lower left corner

  1. User Origin

Frame executes = Go to Origin

Start executes = Go to Origin

3)Current postion

Frame executes = Go to Position

Start see picture Pic 4

Pictures 1,2 show the display of Lightburn

Pic 5 is the laser in Home position and Pic 6 is the laser in Go to Origin

I hope, this helps

Regards Ulf

RE. LB Prefs files I believe are retained even after a reinstall. But I don’t believe User Origin values are stored there.
Waht are LB Prefs files?

I don’t see any files attached.

Can you run these commands in Console. Once run, can you copy the output in a reply?


That’s the Prefs file that stores all LightBurn configuration information. I suggest to not focus on that for the time being.

Sorry, I don´t know what happened, but I added these 2 Files already last time.
Console.txt (1.7 KB)
Console2.txt (3.9 KB)

Okay. You have offsets configured which is the cause of your issues.


The easiest way to address this is likely to be to reset this.

Run this in Console:


This should reset any offsets. Confirm this by rerunning $# command. There should be no offsets in any of the output.

I’ve seen times where this has failed. In that case, best to update your firmware. I’d suggest you update in any case as Ortur has fixed the issue with these offsets being at times inadvertently setup.

Ortur – Firmware Repository – Ortur

Problem is solved!
Thanks a lot.
Great job
Good Bye Ulf

Great. Again, I’d encourage you to upgrade your firmware if that’s an option as they have addressed a number of issues in the firmware.

Has been done also.
Good bye

Ok, I’ve got a Noob question here. In the past, for fixing accidental offset issues, you have suggested using the G10 L2 P1 0.0,0.0,0.0 command to get rid of the persistent offsets that are bedeviling a user. In this case you use the $RST=# command.

Any particular reason you chose one over the other?

A few reasons for it in this case, mostly informed by experience with Ortur lasers under specific conditions.

  1. I’ve seen in previous situations where 2 offsets are configured simultaneously is usually due to buggy behavior in Ortur firmware. These particular scenarios can be somewhat harder to back out of and I’ve never experienced them myself so not sure if there’s a cleaner fix.
  2. G92 by itself is somewhat familiar but it’s not clear to me where G59.6 comes from. G10 L2 P9 correlates to G59.3 but I’ve not seen where G59.4-G59.6 are addressed.
  3. I happen to know on Ortur firmware that $RST commands are safe, meaning they should safely result in good factory settings that will at least work. This is not guaranteed for other controllers where a reset could leave the controller in a default state not tuned for the machine. In general I’d prefer to do the least destructive operation to get out of a situation in order to preserve existing configuration and also to make sure the root cause is understood.
  4. $RST=# only resets work offsets and positions stored in EEPROM in contrast to $RST=* which will erase pretty much everything so is smaller in impact
  5. There are cases where due to some issue with the firmware that RST will not work and are only resolved with firmware reflash. I’ve not seen a scenario that wasn’t able to be resolved with reflashing.
  6. Note that these offset issues only seem to occur on older firmware. I’ve not seen a report of this on firmware from 1.87+.

Thank you!

Understanding GRBL and the many commands and possible settings is a daunting endeavor, but this website and the very helpful crew is a great help. This is especially so with regard to the many manufacturers out there who “customize” their firmware with GRBL settings that are not normally used for laser engravers.

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