Funny numbers i the boxes

Can someone explain the numbers at the top of the window in the boxes position
in Swedish (hämta position)

Previously it was 0 in 2 squares the left and the right.
How or where do I change this.

I assume that’s the same as “get position” when in English mode. It’s purpose is to request from the controller what position it believes the laser head is at. The values you see are the reported coordinates from the controller.

If you move the laser head around with the jog buttons (not manually by hand) and push the “hämta position” button it should update with the revised current position.

thx berainlb
I`ll try that

funny is, I didnt have that numbers yesterday and I havent moved the laser head since yestedrday.

Sounds like you don’t go through a homing process with your laser. In that case, it’s likely that the position your laser is started with will be considered 0,0. However, relative moves from that location should change and be visible as you use “get position”.

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