Further laser path optimization

I know there has been a lot of discussion already on general cut optimization, but I think my issue/request is a little more specific and hasn’t been brought up yet that I can see.

I’m working on making some save the dates for an upcoming wedding. There is a lot of text on them, but here is a quick example to illustrate what I’m talking about.


Here I think it is fairly optimal to do a normal fill operation where the text is “dense” at the bottom, but after it gets above the top of the lower case letters it would be better to do each remaining letter or letter group individually (maybe based on some configurable “stay down” distance or something). If the S, the TH, the D, and the last T were each done individually the travel moves would be greatly reduced. This travel reduction applied to all of the similar text across all of the objects in my file could result in hours of time saved per run.

The closest I have been able to get to this is making each string of text a separate layer and ordering by layer, but that doesn’t solve the issue described above and there also aren’t nearly enough available layers to do a whole file for me. Is there a solution that I’m missing, or should I open a feature request?

If you break the text into sub-parts, then use “fill groups together” it will do what you’re asking.


You don’t actually have to group text shapes. The system is smart enough to know that since the letters were typed together it considers them a group for the purpose of filling, so just type the words as different objects and use Fill Groups Together in the fill settings - you don’t even need to order by group.

This is exactly the setting that I figured I wasn’t finding, thanks!

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