G-code "Dot" mode proof-of-concept

like this

but plywood is not the rigth material to test with, made some other test and i can’t replicate the cut at P0.115, each quadrant of plywood has different amount of glue in it, and laser sometime can’t cut.
I will search for hard wood 1.5mm to test all again.

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I’ve always found plywood inconsistent but this is really showing how much so.

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The value of dot mode! THIS is a pretty good comparison cutting 19mm common board (pine)!

On the right, I’m just using dot mode with 0.08mm interval. For me, it’s 10ms dots, but I’m running around 225W. The “speed” field is irrelevant, it doesn’t move while firing at all. It takes 1m3s to cut our angry Mooninite friend

On the left for comparison, I have it NOT in dot mode, adjusted the speed to 1.4mm/s so it has a similar runtime, then tweaked the power to be able to cut the figure out- I got 14% power there. Actually I got it to start breaking through with much less power at this slow crawl, but the cut was all over the place on bottom after taking 90 deg turns the cut wandered all over, didn’t connect up into a continuous line and it was just crap.

So, head to head, same machine same runtime, the dot mode does impossibly good cuts, and while the continuous beam on the left technically cut it out, it’s a charred mess below the surface.


Great example Danny! I also have a Ruida 6445G controller , and am curious as to how you do the dot mode on this controller. My tube is only 50 watt, but this could help me cut some thicker material with a good smooth cut. Please share how to enable this dot mode on the Ruida controller, and thanks!!

Dot mode settings are found in the Advanced tab of a Line cut layer for Ruida controllers.

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Thanks! Just to be sure, this is in the Ruida console setting in the laser, and not in LightBurn?

No. The setting is in the Cut Layer settings in LightBurn.

Also, for clarity. This topic was about simulating that capability using g-code controllers to investigate if there were any advantages to this approach. In case you get confused about some of the discussion.

Right!! I checked your information, and saw that for your application you use the same controller as I do. Thanks again for the clarification.

Finally able to run a test on 3/32 inch (~2.4mm) bass wood. I got very poor results. Similar results to @killrob with a lot of scorching and poor surface finish.

I think would it comes down to is that laser isn’t able to cut cleanly through the full depth of the material in a short enough time. This is assuming attempting to cut through in a single pass. I haven’t explored this with multiple passes at lower power.

For me I see value in this approach for the work I do with XPS foam but less so right now for wood. The foam I can cut cleanly with a single pass.

All testing was done with an Ortur LU1-4 Fixed Focus Laser Module.

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I’ve explored this way and got worst result cause at less power is needed more time to pass through plywood, even with 4 or more passes

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