G-code error when trying to use Ortur Rotary

Just got the LM2 and set it up. Works fine. Now tried using the Rotary and it will only turn when powering up the machine. Other wise I keep getting errors.

If you can tell us which errors you’re getting, that would likely help a great deal in figuring out what’s causing them. “I keep getting errors” isn’t nearly enough information to work with unfortunately.

Apologies for the vagueness. Am at work at the moment and I will upload screenshots when I get home tonight.

Long day at work today! Anyways here is a SS of what I’m getting when trying to us the rotary attachment. After moving the “TEST” text around I was able to get it to print. It seems like my text is printing inverted and my screen is also inverted.

Is it flipped when not using the rotary, or only when using the rotary? And it’s flipped left to right, or upside down? If it’s upside down, spin the rotary 180 degrees, so the motor is on the opposite side.

It doesn’t flip when using the LM2. Prints in the right location as well. Flipped when using the rotary only.

That’s with the rotary. This is without it.

Yup - that’s common. Turn the unit as I suggested.

That worked! thank you so much for your help!! :grin: