G-CODE is not generated correctly


I have probably found a serious error generating the g-code.
I couldn’t understand why I had artifacts appear on the finished work,
i think the laser is not working properly.
after a lot of experimentation and testing I found that the program does not generate the g-code correctly.

Bad commands appear in the g-code file:

M03 S19200
G1 X-0.01
M03 S0

i draw a quadrilateral 3x300, place it on x = 0, y = 0, save g-code everything ok, i only change x = 100 for the same project and g-code is generated bad

how to prevent it ?

“Correctly” depends greatly on what kind of machine you have. Your profile says you have a GCode machine, which could be anything. What firmware are you running, and what kind of device have you set up in LightBurn?

The GCode commands you’ve posted are all valid, so it would also be useful to know what about them you believe is wrong.

i’m a new user and i can’t add sample files and explain the situation correctly,
how can i attach files ?

I’ve examined the files you emailed and found the issue. The fix will be in the next update.

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