G0 not being used to move between G1 commands

I am currently running CNCjs on a Raspberry Pi to control a GRBL controller (Shapeoko 3) with a JTech Photonics Laser. In this setup, I have to save the GCODE in Lightburn and then run it using CNCjs. A few months prior to this I was using a laptop to control the SO3, and using either a GCODE sender or in the case of my laser, Lightburn. However, my laptop stopped working so I decided to invest in the RPi instead of a new laptop.

I remember at one point, the laser would move at G0 speeds between points where the laser was on and now when I run GCODE, the laser only moves at G1 speeds, which can significantly extend run times. I found some settings under Device settings to enable G0 moves for overscan and have turned that on, but it doesn’t affect the output of the GCODE file. Is there a way to create GCODE that includes G0 commands or is the only way to get that functionality to run the machine directly from Lightburn?


The software uses G0 rapids to move between shapes, but when engraving, it uses G1 moves for everything by default because using a consistent speed increases the output quality.

You can use faster G1 moves by enabling “Fast Whitespace Scan” in the device settings, and giving it a speed you’d like it to use for the gaps.

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