Gaining/Losing X axis steps?

I’m running latest Lightburn on an omtech 60w laser with ruida controller. I sometimes run into an issue where the X axis gets off in the middle of a job.

Here’s my process:

place items on bed to engrave, all items are 100mm square, so it’s easy to know center points. I have a plywood frame on the edge of cut area so I know where the axis is in both directions to align the objects.

import an image (I’ve also tried a traced image), place with center at 50,50 (center of first item)

with image selected, do a grid array of 5 by 3 (15 total) at 100mm center to center, all are on same layer.

Layer speed is set at 175, scan angle of 0, fill groups together, passthrough enabled or disabled, it’s failed both ways.

run the engrave (start button, not sending file to laser)

It seems like the engrave always starts on the second or third piece in the second row, but I’m not sure. It will engrave several correctly, but at some point the engrave gets off center, I think it’s always to the left of where it should be. This appears to happen when moving from one group to the next, as the it’s always the whole image off center. Out of the 15 items, I’ll have 5-6 correct, the rest off center, some by as much as 10mm. When the engrave is done it returns to the back left, but is in a different position than the machine origin. If I turn the machine off and back on the laser moves to the origin I started at. Weird thing is this doesn’t happen all the time. I can run a job at 300 speed all day, same process, and it works fine. At the 175 speed it will get off center.

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