Galvo 9 point correction tool not working

Im having trouble with my OMTech 100w Fiber… My squares are not squares and my circles are warped - I’ve already run the Galvo 9 point correction tool in Lightburn, V 1.5.04, but everything is still off - can someone point me in the right direction please :pray:

Rooster1956Tony Doty


You may have already completed this step.
Next to The galvo 1 and galvo 2 axis right of the scale you will see a . in a box
if you click on the box it will ope a scale correction process.

Do this for both axis and then test your output.

I do not see a video on youtube or lightburn explaining this part of the procedure.
Hope this may help

Morning Rooster1956, Thank You!!!
That works!
Greatly appreciated

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