Galvo auto Z axis and self closing enclosures

Hi like everyone else well done to the Lightburn crew on the release

I am running a Lotus machine that has auto Z axis and also self closing enclosure, does anyone know if this is supported in the lightburn 1.2 release

I have installed the release & connected my galvo which was simple so well done again

thanks for any advice

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I see no obvious Z-Axis :arrow_up_down: control available within Lightburn. I’m not sure about the enclosure door question, but for now, I am manually adjusting the focus.

As a possible clue, if you go to the top menu and select “Window”, you will see “Move”. Select the “Move” option and you will see the movement controls tab pop up on the right. Mine is grayed over and I am not sure how to activate the “Move” feature at this point until I read and study further.

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