Galvo control output and control stepper

Is there option how to add to job control for output? And is there posibility to control stepper motor like, do somethink, move do somethink. Mean mark one place move to another mark?

I’m afraid you’ll have to explain more of what you have in mind… I’m suspicious you want more than is currently possible.

If you can clarify what you need to do it may help us help you …


Hi, for examble, mark somethink, unlock(set output) , rotate to another piece, wait for input at position,set output, mark. In the galvo software like scaps, halaser ezcad there are in job flow posibylity to add steps like set output, wait for input, move motor. Thank you

This meaning escapes me… so I don’t really follow …

According to Oz and my memory… the rotary on a fiber is controlled a bit differently. Where you can usually send the code to move the rotary, then waits for it to complete before sending what to mark, then wait for movement and so on…

Is this something like what your asking about?


Sorry I shoudn use word rotate, but move. I didn mean rotate like rotary job thats works fine. Like move to another position with another axis,no rotary. Set output pin to high or low ( unlock in previous mean like unlock rotary carousel). Mean if there are some block in job thats not marking but done somethink custom like this?

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