Galvo Fiber laser is connecting to lightburn but no information is populating the console window

My laser has been acting up and firing when it shouldn’t, also it sounds like it the USB is cutting in and out. Anyhow, I wanted to see the status in the console window but no information is being populated. It just says that it is waiting for connection. I’m able to run jobs but I really want to see if the connection is fading in and out or if there are any error codes.

There is no console communications on a Fiber with the controller.

It should be grayed out… at least mine is… it’s also a Cloud Ray JPT M7 MOPA.

My usb connection is a bit flaky, I’ve had to plug it back in… you can feel it’s not mechanically stable…


I was thinking that might be the case. I’ve been getting some power bursts and the laser is firing when it shouldn’t. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something in the console. Going to be trying a new cable next. Thank you very much for posting. I appreciate it!!

Even with a good usb, this should not happen… I don’t think Lightburn tells it when to lase, exactly only how much and where it needs to go…

Lots of the executing code appears to be stored on the controller…

I’d start a conversation with Cloud Ray… Most of these companies are in China, so it’s a 24h turn around time for email.

They do have a site that you can visit and post questions… That’s what I did when I wasn’t sure of the steps/rotation…

Good luck


Thanks again!

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