Galvo - Multiple DPI setting…

Is it possible to use multilple images at once with different DPI settings? Whenever I have more than 1 image and adjust the DPI setting, it changes all of the images to the same DPI. This is for the Galvo license if it makes a difference.,

Don’t have a galvo, but I’d think the operation wouldn’t change too much.

They have to be on different layers.

It make no logical sense to me why you would want to do this…

Can you elaborate?

Maybe there is another way for you to accomplish what you want.

Lightburn only real issue, is that it is so intuitive you go down the wrong path complicating things because of your mindset.

It’s kind of frustrating to learn that after 3 hours of struggling, you just need to click the button on the left toolbar. The wizards they have already figured it out :crazy_face:


Different layers… Didn’t think about that. I’ll try that. Thanks…

The reason why is that I’m doing tests, going through multiple DPI’s to determine the best DPI setting. It would be nice to set up the file 1 time so I can run it for multiple materials, lenses, etc. and do it in 1 pass, vs having to set the image DPI over and over to see the best setting.

Look into the materials library. I use it for something very similar.

I have the ‘headings’ for different materials under the lens focal length…

Under 2" is all the material I use with that lens. I’ve found a 4" and a compound lens don’t necessarily use the same settings… who knew :crazy_face:

I understand what you’re doing now… Makes me wonder if Lightburn has thought about that and you’re doing a bunch of extra work… they seem pretty on top of this stuff.

Good advertising may help you here… I’d try changing the title to ‘Galvo - Multiple DPI setting…’
Get ‘galvo’ in there…

It’s relatively new product so you would attract more people that want to do or have done what you are doing. Some of them may just want to see if they can make it work…

Good luck


Thx, updated title