Galvo or Rotary Issue With Vectors - Transparent Area being Lightly Marked

We’ve managed to set up Galvo successfully on one of our machines.

We’re having a couple of small issues engraving glass with a rotary and presume it’s a small config setting:

  1. The laser seems as if it misses around 0.5mm at the beginning of each line, as if it’s warming up before firing. See image 2 attached, top of letters F, G & S all have missing parts at the top. You can see where they are full height if the line is above them and the laser has already fired, that line should be thicker as well.
  2. The laser is doing a very light engraving on the transparent parts of the vector. It’s engraving a faint mark continuously after the initial fire of each pass. You can see the markings start as son as the laser fires on each pass, you’ll see the gap above the letters that don’t have the line above.

What we’ve tried:

  1. Tried .ai & .svg files grouped and ungrouped. Both have identical results
  2. These vector files work in all our other machines and have done for years with no issues, other machines are CO2 & Fibre. Points to it being specific to UV and/or rotary
  3. Ran standard jobs with text and shapes generated in lightburn and they are 100%
  4. All vectors worked 100% in EzCad
  5. Did the initial LB set up as per instructions, importing the EzCad settings

Any ideas would be great, thanks in advance.

Adam - Ahurei Gifts
337.lbrn2 (238.4 KB)

small update:

Just tested same file without rotary enabled on flat glass and it works fine and both issues have gone.

Looks like some settings when rotary is enabled are causing both issues.

We’ll keep digging, please let us know if anybody has any suggestions :slight_smile:

Can you post screen shots of your rotary setup and rotary runner screens, as well as the Device Settings page?

I’ve seen this enough times from fiber users that it’s possible there’s a bug here somewhere, but in nearly every instance I’ve seen of this, it’s been caused by incorrect timing correction (TC) settings.

Edit: I’ve gotten the files you submitted from our support agent and will be looking through this shortly. I likely have what I need from this.