Galvo won't connect

Would appreciate some help from someone, went through the setup process to connect my fiber laser, can complete and identify my galvo, however when I start lightburn if in connects, the busy bar flicks from busy to disconnected or at the bottom of the window it says waiting for connection and nothing happens, have tried using win7 and win10 but to no avail, would appreciate some help as at the moment lightburn is just as bad as easycad 2😔

Hi.Same problem.I have 7 year fiber and it is works only on XP and must be USB Dongle plugged.

Same issue here, there doesn’t seem to be any help from any of the moderators of LB…

Don’t get what the hype is about LB if they cannot even offer basic help for such simple issues.

Have you tried the zadig method of installing?

Galvo Installation - LightBurn Software Documentation

Yep tried that and I can get all the way to add device etc. However when you select the device from the laser device window it comes up with an error at the bottom of the screen and says it is disconnected :thinking:

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