Gcode file changes after saving

New to Lightburn. Everything was operating good until I changed to a different device. Changed back to original device, but now everything changes when opening a saved gcode file. The image moves to the center. Cutting speed and power will change.

I think it is because I chose a fiber laser. My laser is GBRL.

I have deleted preference files and loaded an older backup. Still no good.

Change to the other device first, then load the file… There is configuration information within the device information.


I have switched back to the original device. It still changes the file.

Lightburn doesn’t normally save gcode, did you manually do this?

If that’s what you’re doing lots of information is lost.

This works fine with all of my different lasers, so something in your work flow is causing this.

Can you either, elaborate on the process and results or post the two files so we can see what’s happening?


I do not have the files on this computer. Will be later before I can post them.

I do not understand your comment “Lightburn doesn’t normally save gcode, did you manually do this?”. There is a “Save Gcode” buttom. I click it and save my gcode file to my card.

Lightburn did not save the Gcode, you saved it. If the Gcode changes, it is because you changed something in Lightburn.

G-code is not the format you would use to save project files.

Use File->Save As or Save to save project files.

Yes, not saving the project file. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t keep me from running anything. It just did not do that before I changed the device.

What are you actually attempting to achieve? Start at the top please. I suspect you’re dealing with a workflow issue.

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