Gcode for KineticNC (Beamicon) based controllers

Not sure whether I got the category right, pls. bear with me.
So, I am using my CNC-Step Router with a Laser module attached to run it as laser engraver.
As the KineticNC (aka Beamicon) controller does not seem to be supported by lightburn, I set up my machine as GRBL device and save the G-Code instead of feeding it directly. This approach works pretty well when engraving images by scanning back and forth.
However, I have a problem when engraving vectors (e.g. Text) as the laser is not turned off when moving from one shape to the next, leaving marks on the space between.
I read that for GRBL based systems, this behavior can be controlled using $32=1
Unfortunately my controller is not GRBL based so I need another way to turn off the Laser in between shapes. Two solutions come to my mind:

  1. Request a feature that would allow adding extra G-Code commands to be executed when moving (e.g. Turn off Laser, Move to next shape, turn on Laser again), similar to the setup where I can define header and footer of the G-Code

  2. Create a post processor that adds such sequence to the G-Code generated by Lightburn after storing the G-Code.

Option two would require to identify any “movement between shapes” when parsing the G-Code to insert the code at the right place.
Does anyone have an idea how I could identify this?

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Just in case someone’s interested, I found a solution. The algorithm for post processing the file is pretty simple:

  1. Parse the G-code file and always remember the last S setting for the laser Power
  2. Identify all G0 movements and add S0 to this line (this turns the laser off during rapid movement)
  3. Add a line after the G0 line and set the laser power back to the value identified under 1) e.g. S1200
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Tom, I would love t connect to you how you got this working. We have also a CNC-Step with Kinetic and would love to get Lightburn working.

Always open to direct messages, feel free to contact me.

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