GCode loading question

How are files in the GCode format executed in Lightburn? I click on Run GCode in the Laser window, the file directory opens but when I select a file nothing is displayed in the work area. Is it not possible to load a GCode file from an external source?

GCode files selected in “Run GCode” are simply streamed to the laser. There is no gcode viewer or display.

I think I saw a note from Oz indicating that they were working on a viewer for a future release but don’t quote me on that.

LightBurn will send GCode to your machine, but GCode is not really vectors in a format that’s easily loaded; it’s instructions for the machine. Do you not have whatever source data was used to generate the GCode from the external source?

The GCode files were created in Vetric, a cnc program. Is it not possible to load them into Lightburn?

It is not possible to load them as a project of shapes that you can then edit, no. It is possible to use LightBurn to stream the GCode to your laser.

Alternatively, you could export from Vetric in DXF, AI, or SVG format and import into LightBurn so that you can do your laser job preparation within LightBurn.

Thank you, works great!

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