Gcode variables

Can variables like [left], [bottom] etc be used in gcode in LightBurn? I am trying to create some macro buttons like I have in LaserGRBL and they do not work. One starts with:
G0 X[width/2+left] Y[height/2+bottom]
M3 S1
G1X[right] F[jogspeed]

Those would be entirely custom code in LaserGRBL, not standard GCode. What is it that you’re trying to accomplish with the macros?

Thanks for the reply. I am trying the have a visible indication of project size and location before actual engraving.

Like the Frame button does, maybe?


There’s also the Rubber-Band Frame:


Yes BUT with laser enabled on low power.

There is a ton of really good information here already that the search option (upper-right of every page) will reveal.

When framing a job, if you hold the Shift key when you click the Frame button, the laser will turn on with the power value specified in the ‘Move’ tab.