Generate move before cut for each line or arcs to start cutting at the good speed

The idea came to me when I looked at the fill operation.
Could be it’s possible to generate a small move before each arc or line change at the same speed of cutting ?
A little like the lead-in option without cutting, to have the laser at the same speed from the start till to the end when cutting.
Is this will more homogeneous cutting ? and no longer depend on min/max power ?
The disadvantage is that will generate a lot of more move and time.
Is it useful ? I don’t know if is a good idea… but voila

It wouldn’t be just for start & end - it would also have to be done at every corner, or every tight turn, and the amount would depend on the acceleration of the controller. I’ve thought about it, but it’s not practical to do. Much easier to just upgrade the controller firmware to GRBL 1.1f, which handles this for you by varying power with speed.

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