Get Position Button not returning correct information

Hello all! I am using version 1.3.01 on my GRBL controlled Fox Alien 4040-XE and when I click the Get Position button it does not return the correct information. Immediately after telling it to go to a position the correct information displays until I hit the Get Position Button, then it displays a negative decimal number.
Get Position 1
Get Position 2

Your machine is likely working in negative coordinates.

Check here for more information and remediation strategies:
Common GRBL/GCode Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

Thanks for the info and prompt reply. My Machine does work in Negative but if you look at the Move to Position boxes and the Get Position results, they are not just Negative but Fractional Negative. It should report the actual location in whole Negative numbers not decimals. In previous iterations of the software, it had the whole number coordinate location in negative, but this makes no sense.

Increment one or both values by a whole value. Does the reported position retain the same fractional value? If so, it’s likely just the difference in offset.

In any case, LightBurn isn’t really intended to work in negative values so suggest you resolve that portion of it. This issue is likely to go away at that point.

A separate possibility is that your GRBL machine is configured to report in inches which is almost never what you want. If $13=1 then that will be the case and you’d want $13=0. Note that this is irrespective of the units you use for display in LightBurn.

Thanks for the link to the common GRBl/GCOde Setups that helped a lot. It was indeed the $10 and $13 settings. After painfully going through numerous Workspace Offset measurements, I was also able to get my home position to report at X=0, Y=0 again. I am not sure how the changes got made in the first place, probably when I went into UGS or LaserGRBL. It’s nice to be able to work in the positive pace again. Thanks a million!!

Glad you’re in business.

Very likely UGS. I’ve seen reports where LaserGRBL may do this but I haven’t seen anything in LaserGRBL that could reproduce this behavior.

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