"Get Position" button not returning expected numbers

-33"x33" (X&Y only, A slaved to Y), Diode Laser
-GRBL 1.1f
-No home or limit switches, yet (No home routine at startup)

I must be missing something… When I click “Get Position” after just turning on the Arduino and starting Lightburn my I get ( x0.000 y0.551 z0.000 u0.000 ) I thought I read or was told, that when you reset/power up the Arduino it should set Home to 0,0,0. What is going on with Y?

Any Ideas?

Possibly a workspace offset? Try entering $# in the console. You’ll see a bunch of output like this:

Those are the workspace offsets. If they aren’t zeros that could be it.

Awesome, that was it :slight_smile:

Thanks again!