Get Position button true purpose

What is the true purpose of the Get Position button on the Move tab. Why do we have to click a button to get the current position since the last move.

Seems it would make more sense to automatically update the location references displayed on the screen after any move was made instead of clicking the Get Position button each time

I would assume it would be as simple as adding the commands that are called in the Get Position button to the function in the software that controls any of the move functionality.

Just curious if there was some other reason that displaying the current position by manually clicking a button was required.

The position actually is updated after issuing move commands, but until recently not all movement commands waited for the execution to complete, so issuing the position query immediately after would not give the result at the end of the move. This has been changed for the next release already, so the position update should be kept accurate if jogging in LightBurn.

Awesome. You guys and the software is great. Really appreciate your quick responses to questions and support.