Get Position Not showing on Virtual Workspace

So I just purchased my first MacBook this weekend bc the windows laptop finally gave up the ghost. I was able to import all settings from a recent backup from the pc. Everything is fine with the exception of the “get position” function is not showing the crosshair on the virtual workspace. It will give XY coordinates but not actually show where the laser is. is there a setting that I am missing somewhere that will enable this?
Also, My art and material library will not save after closing Lightburn, despite numerous “saves” after reloading it once more. Any help is greatly appreciated in advance.

Enable “Show Last Position” in Laser window.

Of course. thank you. that fixed it.
Any ideas as to why the material and art library won’t stay saved???

Can you explain what this means? Please describe the behavior that you’re seeing. If a screenshot can show what you’re seeing that would be even better.

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Well, I can not at this moment as it’s in the middle of a job. What is happening is I originally loaded the saved material and art files from lb from my pc. I saved to the Mac and imported into lb. I click save. Based on past , the libraries should be always be there when I open lb for the first time of the day. They are not saving. Its like I never uploaded and saved them in the fist place. LB has popped up and stated that it was not able to load libraries but does not do that every time. It’s just aggravating having to go and reload the material settings and art every time I open the program .

Did you copy the prefs file from the PC to your Mac or did you setup fresh? If you copied the prefs file it’s possible that there are references to file locations not present on the Mac.

However, I don’t see why that would prevent you from adding the libraries currently on your system.

When you get a chance, please take a screenshot of any error message that you get.

Does the Mac save your library? If it gets no errors, it has written them somewhere.

If it doesn’t you have some type of file protection issue where every you are trying to save them.


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