Get position purpose?

Another question thanks in advance for the help to this newbie.

If I have a camera set up and I’m using “absolute coords” and I physically move the laser by hand ie. move the laser on it’s x axis and y axis do I need to do a

“get position”

on the “move” tab so the software knows where I have moved the laser to?

Because several times now the “show last position” crosshair does not correspond to where the laser actually is …

And as a result when I send the laser to do a burn it goes somewhere completely different than where it’s supposed to go.

Just tried a test and used the “move” controls to move the laser to a spot and updated the camera snapshot and turned on the “show last position " crosshair and then I hand moved the laser to a new position both x and y . The crosshair still shows the laser as being in it’s original spot and pressing " get position” does not move the crosshair to the new location of the laser. Tried right clicking on “get position” to get the “move” info and clicking the “go” button but the crosshair does not go to where the laser actually is. What am I doing wrong?
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Not wanting to come across harsh, but why are you moving by hand and not using the control your hardware has? Why not use the LightBurn software controls to move and position the laser? Genuinely wanting to understand. :slight_smile:

This is good. :slight_smile: But,…

Doing this changes the physical location of the head, without using or telling your motion control system of this new location. Your controller no longer “know” where it really is, only you and your hand do. :wink: Once the motion control coordinate system / physical location ‘connection’ or knowledge set has been broken, a controller reset would be required, and ‘home’ laser, so the coordinate system matches the physical location and knows where X0, Y0 is again.

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