Get position x=0 y=440

Sorry if this is a daft question, only been working with Ligthburn for a few days.
My home position is coming up x=0, y=440 I cannot find a way to set it to 0,0
I’ve watch a couple of videos that say you need to get laser into the required position press the get position button on the Move tab and then restart Lightburn and that will reset position to 0,0. well that did nothing!

Having no luck cannot find anything in the documentation so help!

When you home it physically, where is the laser head?

It’s not completely uncommon for systems to have a different origin than the homing location. After you home the machine, if you type G0 X0 Y0 into the console and press enter, that will send the laser head to what the laser believes is the origin. If that is the front-left of the machine, you’re all set.

Not sure how the orientation of Lightburn alines to the orientation of my Neje.
Looking at Lightburn the 0,0 is at the bottom right, which is where my Neje home position is. As said, Lightburn see this position as 0,440.

LightBurn doesn’t “see” anything - It’s asking your controller, “where are you?” and reporting the answer it gets back. Your controller believes it is at X0 Y440, so that is apparently not the origin. The origin would seem to be top right for some reason.

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