Getting a double image on the left side when engraving

Hello, I’m new here and new to laser engraving. I just bought the Atomstack A5 M40 and I’m getting a double/ghost image on the left side when engraving. I’ve adjusted the belts serval times, measured with a ruler and everything is even. Even uninstalled and reinstalled LightBurn and still getting the same outcome no matter what I do. Any suggestions on how I can fix this problem

I certainly can’t say for sure, but my first reaction would be: did you try reducing the speed? I’ve had similar problems with my A5 PRO Atomstack with small tight vectors running over 3000…3500mm/min or so.

If not, then might be a problem with belt tightness … when adjusting your rollers & belts, and tilting the frame at a 45deg angle, the laser should, by gravity, slowly and consistently roll down the frame. If not, you have something too tightly set. If too fast, it’s too loose. Gotta get it right! :slight_smile:

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I agree with @DVC, slow things down! This does look like wobbling/movement of the laser head.

As well as slowing it down you can also reduce power to get a less burnt in look, and see what’s going on. On some diode machines I’ve worked on parts of the gantry/laser head/moving parts of the system can catch unexpectedly on stray wires or nuts and bolts. Is it possible that you are working so close to the left side that there isn’t enough room for your laser head to accelerate and decelerate for the engraving?

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I had it on my brand new JL1. Turns out belts not tight, just a tiny bit. After tightening them - no more double image.
On the same note - anything with backlash may produce double. Make sure everything is tight, wheels, belts, mounts.

I also set to burn in one direction only. Take a tiny bit more time to retract, but makes further reduces chances of double image.

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Has anyone found an solution to this? is it the belts the software or what? This is happening to me…

In case this may still be a mystery, I found that when I installed my new tube and was rigging my stands to match the almost 2x width of the old tube that if I wasn’t right on point or if I was on the verge of the laser nbot coming out center when i was at bottomstrong text* right…It would double the image. Basically either ricocheting off the down tube (I think I made that up, but you know…the outlet) or doing some voodoo shiz with the lens when not meeting center. Just a thought and wanted to raise a dead thread. See y’all next year!*