Getting a new controller, new license

Hello laser friends,

I’m going to build another laser and get my first ruida controller, my license has ran out and I was just waiting to see what I was going to get. how do I go about getting the DSP version? Do I still need to dig my old license number out of my emails?

Are be getting a new to me laptop,installing on that and installing the second license back on one of my other laptops. Will I still be able to use my old unrenewed smoothie license on my third laptop? And/or can I renew that one as well, but just continue running smoothie on that? Hope that makes sense! Lol

Is it possible to run two lasers off the one computer at the same time one DSP one smoothie?

Is there anything to be aware of/tips to intall my ruida RDC6445? I won’t even install rdworks on my comps.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, if you locate your gCode license you can upgrade it to DSP here:

and you can renew here:

You can do both of those in the same order.

Thanks Ray,great help… :grinning:

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