Getting a sawtoothed result engraving a vector file

I been using LB with a new engraver for about 6 or 7 months. The engraving using the rotary device on a job I just did for some reason came out sawtoothed instead on nice smooth lines. I normally run the job from the software but I sent it to the machine to see what it looked like on the display and it looked sawtoothed in the display as well. I haven’t changed any settings that should cause this that I’m aware of but is there a setting for quality or something that be causing this? I’ve always got beautiful smooth and crisp lines in the past both flat and rotary.

Can you show a picture of what you mean? This sounds like it could be the scanning offsets being incorrect - that would cause both the display and the output to look off.

Here is an image of the sawtoothed result. I engraved the same kind of black & white vector logo on the back of the cup and it lasered perfect.

Have a look at this: Scanning Offset Adjustment - LightBurn Software Documentation

This information is very interesting. In the 12 years I’ve been laser engraving I’ve never run across that issue with the laser timing or machine lag. I was using ULS machines before I got the Chinese Laser which only had this problem this one time. I’ve been engraving with it for 8 months and everything until that job engraved beautiful. Anyway when I reloaded the job after getting a replacement item, the design engraved fine. But this information is very helpful should I have the problem again in the future.

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