Getting actual bed location to align with page

I have mapped out where the actual location is to my laser. Does anyone know how to get the page to align correctly? I’m using Smoothie Cluster.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking here.

Are you saying that the square you’ve drawn there gets output properly when you send it to the laser?

It would also be useful to share some more information about “my laser” - Is it a K40, or something else? Which controller are you using? Has it been configured for the machine, or is it new?

So the laser is a Chinese 300x500 50w. Controller is the cohesion mini and in the .config file it is set to 300x500. The red square represents where the laser can frame safely without crashing.

I’m trying to get the page (grid squares) to match. I just switched from GRBL LPC to smoothie. It was off a bit using grbl but tolerated and nowhere near as off as it is now.

Have you changed the config.txt file on the SD card to match the size of the laser? In that text file are values called alpha_max and beta_max - those are the maximum travel distance for alpha (X) and beta (Y) - and you need to configure those for the machine you’re using. Start with setting those to the correct size (I’m assuming alpha / X is 500 and beta / Y is 300). Then power cycle the board, try it again, and report back how it behaves at that point. There is a good chance that’s all you have to change.

That did the trick. Another question and I can out it up in a different spot if needed is.

I have 2 lightburn licenses and one has expired. Any way of telling which one to re-activate? Email address?

Send an email to support at lightburnsoftware dot com with both of your license key numbers and we can look them up and tell you which is which.

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