Getting laser to turn on

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hi there! new to this whole laser/cnc software, and machine. i have a alpha automation cnc, i believe its a chineese cnc, but i have downloaded the lightburn, and software for my cnc. i cant seem to get my laser to turn on and cut. it seems to trace what i have told it to with its movements just the laser isn’t firing if that makes sense. Any help would be super appreciated.

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Hi Samantha, we are not familiar with this machine, so please provide pictures and tell us what kind of controller and firmware it runs on.

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this is the laser i have, and i believe it has benbox software?

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You have a diode laser.

Try using ‘GRBL-M3’ as your device in LightBurn.

You may need to flash the controller with the latest GRBL firmware to get it to work better with LightBurn.

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If you haven’t told GRBL that you have a laser and which pins it’s connected to and how to talk toit, it won’t turn on.

Read this:

If you need more help, ask.

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