Getting latest version of light burn to recognize laser

I have a longer Ray 5 _ 10 watt laser at first it worked good with light burn then I got the latest update version and now it wont show me the laser and says not conected. How do I go about conecting it so light burn will conect to it each time. I’m new to this so I’m lost and need help. REMOVED EMAIL if you can help email me at this emai address and say light burn help. Thanks

I removed your email… the bots pick it up and you pay for it dearly…

Can you see the laser in the device manager? If you cannot, Lightburn can’t either…

If you just updated Lightburn, that usually doesn’t effect this as it’s really calling the os for service.

Did windows do an update?


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In LightBurn, open the Laser window and the Console window.

If you do not see signs of connection in the Console window, select a different communication port by clicking the middle button in the bottom row of the Laser window. Wait 5 seconds to see if the Laser engraver connects. If it’s not there, test another communication port.

There shouldn’t be many options available.

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