Getting weird cut errors since last two updates

Ruida 6442x
So since the last two updates, I’ve been getting weird errors on my outline cuts sometimes. Everything looks fine, until it just goes off in weird directions.

Software image to prove nothing weird in my files. It does show the weird line cut on the controller though. Something isn’t being sent over right.

“The last two updates” - Which specific version number is this? How do you connect to the machine? (USB, Ethernet or WiFi?)

0.9.14 and I connect via USB.

This in particular looks like a dropped command packet:

How long is the USB cable? I’ve seen things like this happen when a cable is bad or a connection is loose, so the timing could be a coincidence. Easy enough to check by downloading 0.9.11 and seeing if you still have the issue with the older release.

Releases are all here:

It’s long. Probably 15 feet or so, came with the machine. I think it’s about as long as it can be and still be able to communicate, I’ve had to run CAT6 USB converters on longer distances before so I understand the issue. I’ll attempt 0.9.11 and see if the version change works and let you know. Thanks!

I am now using 0.9.11 and it fixed the errors. Here’s an example of another error I had, and then the 0.9.11 version fix.

Would you be willing to email that file so I can have a look at the settings? We don’t generally keep files that are user submitted, and we absolutely do not use them for any purpose other than debugging issues or internal testing. It won’t be shared, but I’m curious to see if I can reproduce this.

Sure, best email?

support at lightburnsoftware dot com and please include a link to this post for reference. :slight_smile:

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