Glass settings base help

I’m trying some engraving on glass. A think.pyrex casserole dish. Can someone give me a base of settings to start with? Also, I was wondering how to get a dark engraving? I just bought trotec paint infill…would that work if I used the paint over the paper? Any suggestions?

I’ve never done that before, but I cant help but wonder if it would be any different than the Norton method used for engraving white ceramic tile.
Which works fantastic by the way…

I use a speed of 200 and power of 20% (60w laser) to engrave on glass.

I am using moist paper towel that helps prevent the engraving area from becoming rough, and leads to a clear, white engraving result.Before you start engraving, apply a moist single-layer paper towel to the glass. Make sure there are no air bubbles or overlaps. Mostly of my work is photo engraving on glass,where i use grayscale matrix of 70% black,so less heat will be applied to the glass, and the result will be finer. Average resolution is 500 dpi and machine is HS-CL30 30W CO2 from HeatSign.

Going to try that today! (the paper towel trick)

You could also use dish-soap, it will act similarly to the paper towels. I use 200mm/s with 25% power (150w) and I get really nice results with no flaking.
Whichever method you use (towels or soap) be careful when applying them to the surface, so they don’t come into contact with your rotary. It can make your object slip. I learned that the hard way. :slight_smile:

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