Glitch in new version

I have just downloaded the new version 0.9.05. now when I go to rotate anything by putting the the degrees of rotation in the box, the object doesn’t rotate on itself but flips to a whole other never done this previously. I can grab the handles and rotate it as normal,but I want precise measurements.and its no good if I have to then re centre the object to where it was.

Just ran a little test and I am not getting the same as you describe. What OS and OS version are you using? Please provide more step-by-step instructions so we can try to reproduce this issue on our end. :slight_smile:

The 9-dot control next to the rotate button controls where objects are sized, positioned, or rotated from. Do you have a corner or side chosen instead of the middle?

all sorted was the 9-dot control,didnt even realise it was on the corner,as its always worked as normal,till I updated.

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