Go to last X,Y zero position after power outage

Hi guys, is there way of sending the laser back to the last X,Y zero position after restarting and homing the machine, if the power goes out?

My CNC software has a “Use last X,Y zero” option, but not sure if it’s possible in Lightburn.

If you set a user origin it’s a saved location, and should be stored in the preferences file. If you use “current position” it’s not saved.

I use this command to reset the zero before the job: G10 P0 L20 X0 Y0 Z0
Can I get back to where ever this position is after restarting, and how?

That changes your machine’s workspace origin, which is not the same as LightBurn’s user origin.

Your controller would need to store that value in order to get it back. LightBurn has no idea you set that value, and you’ve essentially replaced the User Origin feature in LightBurn with that command.

The Set User Origin command in LightBurn just remembers the location your laser head is at, and stores it in your prefs, leaving the actual machine origin wherever it was, so both the machine origin and the job origin can be correctly restored when you run it again.

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