Now that I have LightBurn configured for my Rotary, I no longer need to use RDWORKS. I’m so happy LightBurn got me straightened out.


It’s a nice feeling when you know you’ve found the right religion, isn’t it?



When I setup on a tumbler, I make a printout of image with centerlines. Tape to tumbler , put in rotary and set Origin. Frame it to make sure everything is good and run it. All was good till I got close to end and I ran out of steps. Ended up I had to go back to RDWORKS. :cry:
The last time I ran tumblers, I didn’t have this issue

When you say “ran out of steps” can you elaborate? And this didn’t happen for you in RD?

In LB, rotary is attached, I turn on laserand X moves to its origin and then rotary turns on to origin . I put tumbler on rotary, line up center of graphic. Do a frame to make sure Y is good. Run job and when I get 3/4 of the way thru, it stops and gives an error. Don’t remember what the error was but it’s like I ran out of steps.
Now when I’m in RDWORKS, my rotary doesn’t calibrate at all and I have no issues running out of steps on rotary