Got the new update but error installing

I am having an error when installing the new update. See the imgar

Just close that and it should continue. That’s a Microsoft support library trying to install itself, even though it appears you already have it.

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Yes i closed it, then opened lightburn and immediately told me there was another update.

Does it show version 9.9 or 9.10 for LB? If you do check for update on 9.10, it does the same for me. Dont worry about it as long as it shows 9.10.

I’ve fixed the repeat update message.

We’re using a new release system and file host to make posting releases less prone to human error, and to put the files somewhere accessible from China (Google Drive can’t be seen from there without a VPN / proxy). There was an issue with the update script setting a date in the release file slightly ahead of the date stored in the build.

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