GoTo User Origin?

Is there anyway (button click) for LB to move the laser back to the user set origin with a Ruida controller.

Right now if I set the user origin on the laser (Origin button on laser control panel) and then move the laser head around. The only way I know to get the laser back to the origin location is to start the job (with the lid open) and then click Stop. The laser will return to user Origin.

The Home button will send it all the way to back right 0,0

So I am guess there is some key combination I don’t know about that will do it.

And while I am thinking about it, what do the keys to the left and right of the up arrow do? The pictures indicate rotate left and right, but I don’t know what that means in this context.


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I have not found any commands from the software to the controller that will move it back to the user set origin. If you (or anyone) knows of a button in RDWorks that does this, please let me know so I can extract the command from it.

On the laser control panel if you have a G model Ruida, pressing the Esc key will move you to the user origin. On the S model, it goes to the absolute origin, and I have no idea why they’ve changed it - I prefer the handling on the G.

The rotate buttons you’ve highlighted above are for the feeder axis on Ruida controllers (U axis) and the rotary axis on controllers with a distinct rotary (GCode controllers with an A axis, Trocen U axis)

Could you trick the controller into returning back to the user origin by starting a fake job with 1 percent power and then instantly stopping it?

I could do it, conceivably, by sending a job with a single dot fired at the origin (or possibly even a single “move to 0,0” in user origin mode… It may or may not allow that, but it’s worth a try. It’d be a ton of setup for such a simple thing, but doable. It would also require that your controller was set to return to the user origin at the end of a cut, or it wouldn’t work.

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I know the controller I have returns to user origin at the end of a cut, but I have no idea about others.

But it would sure be a useful feature to have.