Gray Scale picture printing

I’m trying to get my machine to print a gray scale image. I seem to be having an issue getting the setting dialed in?? When I printed a scale test it seemed to be a failure.

My machine is
MPCNC machine
Rambo board 1.3
Running Marlin firmware
J Tech Photonic 4.8 watt laser

When I run a test program it is only printing at the 100% power and doesn’t seem to translate any of the gray scale in.

Here is the file I used to test

You probably need to bring the speeds way down for your system. That power scale test file is made for CO2 lasers.

here is the result of lowering the speed to 50mm/s at top speed and 10mm/s at the low speed. It gave a better result. But shouldn’t I be aiming for cleaner look from the test or is this a good result?

Here are some updated test runs I have done and the image I am using. I’m printing it small so the size is only 3cm x 4cm

Have you ever done a ramp test, focus check, or verified your focus distance is accurate? This looks like a focus issue to me - your text should be much more crisp than it is.

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Hi Joe, like Oz wrote see that you can focus properly because if your test chart looks like on the picture it is no use trying to do a photo.

At what resolution are you trying the photo?

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