Grayscale won't allow fill options

I am trying to engrave multiple coasters, each with an image. I use grayscale but the fill options are grayed out. This means the engraving it taking much longer that it should. If I change to something like Jarvis, I get the option. Is this just a limitation of grayscale?

I guess that’s because grayscale has no empty image parts/pixels. So there is no place to skip like other algorithms can if they use thresholds.

Grayscale always runs images individually. What option would you be changing it to instead?

When you say “it’s taking much longer than it should”, in what way? Can you be more specific?

FILL is for Vector objects. Only things that are selected will engrave. Empty space can be ignored.

IMAGE is a Raster function. Every last pixel has to be accounted for; the laser head will travel over each pixel.

Thanks for all the replies. As I thought, it was my lack of understanding how grayscale works. 3 1/2 hours to engrave 6 coasters just seems excessive. I have tried options like Jarvis but never get results I’m happy with.

When using the dither modes, LightBurn will do compositing, so you get the options for “fill individually” / “by group” / “all at once”, which is what the user is referring to.

With Grayscale mode we don’t do compositing yet, so those options are disabled.

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