GRBL 1.0c and device setup


Just setup a wheeled rotary axis on my X-Carve. I’m running a Demon Controller with rotary switch by Phil Johnson/Designs by Phil. He recommends using GRBL 1.0c which I installed.

When I initially setup Lightburn for my X-Carve w/ the X-Controller with 1.1f or g, I set it up as a GRBL Laser.

Seems to work OK but a little hot. Had to dial down the 'Fire" feature to 2%. Should I set it up again as a GRBL-M3 device?


Yes, 1.0c doesn’t support M4 so you will need to change profile types.

Thanks!! I will do that that.

If I save the current GRBL Laser settings to a file, can I import them after I setup up a GRBL-M3 profile?


Hover over things in LightBurn for ‘bubble help’ and you can also hit ‘F1’ to be taken to our documentation for that feature.


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