Grbl alarm 1 stop when laser ON for cut

Hello, have same problem that post: Laser stop working

The CNC run fine while not run laser. When run laser for cut appear alarm 1 and stop machine.

If disconnect PIN D11 of arduino, the machine not stop and have PWM in pin D11

Have GRBL 1.1, arduino and power supply for laser CO2 K40.


Alarm 1 is a hard limit switch being triggered, meaning the controller is seeing one of the limit switches pressed. This can happen because something physically contacted the switch, or because something induced enough power in that wire that it thinks the switch was hit.

Lasers use high voltage power supplies that can be very electrically noisy (especially the ones in K40’s) so I would look at wiring, make sure all your wires are connected securely, grounds are running everywhere, and you don’t have Arduino wires running too close to the laser wires.

Solve it wirh emi filter. Thanks!

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